5 “Behind-the-Scenes” Tweets from Angie’s Lobster

By Alyssa Stevens

5 Behind the Scenes Tweets from Angie's Lobster

Our Twitter feed gives our followers insight and a behind-the-scenes look at just what it takes to get a disruptive business, like Angie’s Lobster, up and running! It’s not easy to change the way something has always been done and what has commonly been accepted. We were originally scheduled to open our first drive-thru location in Tempe, AZ in October, but we have been delayed due to longer than normal permitting and construction timelines. We aren’t letting the delay stop us! We have adapted and innovated by creating a “delay buster”! Starting November 30th, customers will be able to enjoy walk-up service while our drive-thru is under construction.

It is our mission to make lobster affordable to everyone, because lobster isn’t just for the rich — but how do we do it?

And, we know that chicken is overrated and you deserve better…

So while other fast-food restaurants are passing the cost onto you, Angie’s Lobster is working towards finding efficiencies to make lobster affordable for all.

We can’t wait to see you! Click to find a location coming to a neighborhood near you!


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