Let Angie’s Make it Right!

If any part of your experience with us left you less than impressed, we’d love the chance to hear from you and make it right! To contact Angie’s Lobster, please fill out this short form and we will be in touch within 24 hours. Please note that complaints will not be processed without completing this form.

Check out our FAQ section below to see if your question might be answered already.

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    I had an issue with my food order. While we strive to offer incredible tasting, wild-caught Maine lobster at low prices, we can make mistakes and definitely want to make it right. If there was an issue with your order, please complete the form at the top of this page and we will be in touch within 24 hours. Complaints will not be addressed without completing the form.
    Is there a number I can call? One of the ways we are able to keep our lobster prices so low is by keeping our team focused and able to serve our customers at the restaurant. In order to avoid distractions with phones ringing, we ask that all questions and concerns come to our customer service team, whom you can contact using the form at the top of this page, or by emailing info@angieslobster.com. We appreciate your understanding and support as we strive to make Lobster for All!

    COVID-19 Precautions

    What precautions is Angie’s Lobster taking to keep me safe? The health and safety of our customers, our team and our community is always our first priority. Our business model was developed during the Covid-19 pandemic, so every process, best practice and standard was created with health and safety in mind. In addition to constant sanitizing of all surfaces, double-handwashing, face mask usage and daily cleaning checklists, we have developed a restaurant model that allows customers to limit their exposure to others. With our drive-thru model, customers are able to order through the speaker box and self-pay with the option of touchless pay on our reader, for compatible cards. Customers are also able to grab their bags and drinks on the shelf without having to make contact with another person. Because we are cashless, our team members are not exchanging cash in and out of the window with customers. Most locations also have a walk-up experience that allows customers to scan a QR code, order and pay right from their phone, and then pick up their food and drink on the shelf when ready.


    How are you able to make your lobster prices so low? 1. We built our business from the ground up to be able to sell lobster at this price. Our model is about efficiency, we do not chase revenue. We chase efficiencies. 2. We are going deeper into the vertical by purchasing lobster right off the boats from our wharf in Maine and process the lobsters ourselves. We eliminate third parties in every area we can. For every third party you eliminate, you eliminate their profit, overhead, inefficiencies and for some, their greed. 3. You, our customer, do some of the work by processing your own payment and picking up your own food at the drive-thru. This allows us to have one less person working every hour. 4. Only debit/credit cards. This mitigates our theft risk and eliminates the labor required to go to the bank to make deposits and get change. 5. We don’t invest in packaging. We give you a paper tray with no lid, one napkin, a straw-less lid, non-branded drink cup and non-branded paper bag. Our packaging is meant to work, not meant to be pretty. 6. We use visually imperfect lobster, but it tastes the same. We don’t mind if a claw is broken, do you? 7. We buy a few things, but we buy a lot of those few things. We just have lobster, French fries, one bread roll, secret sauce, and three drinks. That’s it! The most efficient menu in the restaurant industry. 8. We have the fewest people working per hour in the drive-thru industry, but we pay our team members the highest wages. Our team is incredibly dedicated and produces more per hour than any other fast-food business. We have 8 team members total on staff per store, while most drive-thrus have 20-75 per store. 9. We don’t invest in marketing; our money goes into our food and people. 10. We don’t invest in corporate offices and we have fewer corporate team members than the other guys. 11. Our stores are designed to reduce the number of deliveries; thus, we save money on fuel, trucks, and labor. 12. We are self funded and do not have any investor pressure to grow too fast in our current market or grow laterally into new ones. Growing too fast before the foundation is built reduces efficiencies in the short term and those reduced efficiencies compound in the long run. Costs go up and the only chance to catch up is to chase revenue with higher prices and more on the menu. In the end the consumer loses badly with slower service, higher prices, and reduced quality. 13. We don’t give out paper receipts; no salt, no sugar, or pepper packets and no condiments. Our lobster meals are craveable as is and best with Angie’s sauce.
    Are your Fried Lobster Tails Gluten Free? Our Fried Lobster Tails are not Gluten Free, as the bread crumbs do contain gluten.
    Do you have a list of ingredients? If you have any questions regarding the ingredients in our food, please feel free to contact us at info@angieslobster.com or ask one of our team members at the restaurant to help guide you.


    How can I work at Angie’s Lobster? If you are interested in being a part of the Angie’s family, please go to our Careers page on the website to apply. If there is a match for availability and need, we will be in contact to set up an interview!
    What is the minimum age to work at Angie’s? Anyone 16 and older can apply to join our team!


    How can I order food at Angie’s Lobster? Great question! You can place your order through our drive-thru. This operates very similar to a traditional fast food drive-thru, with customers ordering from their car at the menu board via a speaker box. You will also pay self-pay at the speaker box using your credit/debit card. At the pick-up window, you will grab your food and drink off the shelf and be on your way!
    Can I order online and pick-up? While we do not have online ordering, we are extremely fast and will have your food ready for you before you can say, “Lobster for All!” You can order your food through our drive-thru or at our walk-up using the QR code posted for on-site mobile ordering.
    Do you offer catering? We do not offer catering services, but that does not mean our Lobster Rolls and Lobster Fingers wouldn’t make a great meal for your next event. Feel free to order as much as you like through our drive-thru or walk-up and our team will be make it for you wicked fast!
    Do you offer gift cards? At this time, we do not have gift cards.


    Is there any seating at your locations? We do not have any interior or exterior seating options. This is part of our business model, designed to help keep lobster prices low.
    Is Angie’s a franchise? Angie’s is a privately owned, local business that started right here in Phoenix, Arizona.