Company Gifting from Angie’s Lobster

Considering a special festive surprise for your team members? Marking a notable company milestone? On the lookout for the perfect thank-you for a new business collaborator?

Angie’s Lobster is ready to meet all your collective company gifting requirements. Whether you’re thinking of delivering Lobster Roll Kits to all your colleagues, treating them with some Lobster Meat, or offering Gift Cards as a versatile choice, our company gifting solutions simplify the task of reaching numerous team members in one go.

Our company gifts stand out when you’re sharing our delectable lobster with groups of 10 or more. If you wish to acknowledge just one team member for their exceptional effort, we recommend placing a standard order on our site, delivering directly to them. However, when it’s time to cheer on the entire team for achieving a milestone, our bulk gift options are your best bet.

To initiate your tailored gifting adventure, simply complete the form provided. A representative from Angie’s Lobster’s dedicated team will be in touch within two days.

Let’s set the gifting in motion!


    If you’re looking for something different or have an urgent request, please contact [email protected].

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