Order Your Maine Lobster Roll Meal Kit

In Tucson for one day only! Pick up your Lobster Roll Meal kit for Black Friday! Our Lobster Roll Meal Kit comes with everything you need to enjoy 6 Maine Lobster Roll Meals from the comfort of your home! In our 6-roll kit, you get two, 11-ounce bags of Maine Lobster meat, with 50% of each bag being premium tail meat, 6 New-England Style split-top buns, 6 portions of french fries, 6 Angie’s Sauces, and 1 stick of butter. Our 11-ounce bags of lobster meat allow you to serve 3 rolls at a time.  Keep the rest sealed in the freezer to maximize flavor and shelf life and enjoy another time!

At Angie’s Lobster, we buy off the boats from our own lobster wharf in Maine and then process those lobsters at our own 63,000 sq. ft. Maine lobster processing facility. Our vertical integration ensures we can deliver the best-tasting lobster meat at low prices.

How to Prepare Your Lobster Rolls