The Inspiration

Angela “Angie” Christofellis was born on the Greek island of Lesvos. At a young age, she immigrated with her family to America. They made the courageous journey on a boat, determined to achieve the American dream. They were hard-working immigrants, and like many Greek immigrants at that time, they worked in restaurants.

Living in Boston, Massachusetts, meant seafood restaurants. Angie worked in seafood restaurants her whole life. She loved fried clams, broiled scrod, and of course lobster — the wild-caught lobster found in the cold waters off Maine and Canada! She eventually owned her own restaurant, Angela’s Seafood. She knew a thing or two about great seafood. Born on a Greek island and then living the rest of her life in Boston, seafood was in her blood.

My mother, Angie, was everything to my sister and me. She raised us as a single mom. She was a true force of nature. She willed her way through life to ensure she put us in the best position to achieve the American dream one day. She taught us by example to help others when they need help, to love not just our family but also our fellow man, and to serve others, rather than being a boss and having others serve us. She was the most courageous person we knew.

Up until her final day, she was pushing herself to get out of bed and serve others. She was not afraid of the unknown and trying new things, constantly pushing herself to do more. To be a single mother, and as an immigrant, takes courage. Overcoming three heart attacks and still living life how she wanted it, with lots of energy, fun, and spirit and then battling through stage 4 pancreatic cancer — that takes a lot of courage. She was not a sedan; she was a race car!

Angela “Angie” Christofellis

From the moment she woke up and to the time she went to bed, she was going fast and doing what she wanted to do. Angie had so much personality and color. She would dance with the grandkids and sing songs to entertain them, usually while also trying to get them to eat. She would go to the beach and dig for mussels and snails and eat them raw. She loved her Boston Red Sox and the United States of America.

She was not a stuffy and cold person; she was full of warmth and personality. She was who she was, and she owned it. She was not perfect, and she owned that too. She was blue-collar and low frills. No person and no task were beneath her. This was very important to her, and she made sure we were the same. She did not like fancy stuff. She wanted things to work and do the job, she wanted efficiency.

I created Angie’s Lobster to honor our mother and make sure that the love we feel every day gets passed on to the next generation and to future generations.

Our mother passed away on March 2, 2020, ending her battle with cancer. But that did not end her impact on the lives of her family and friends. Someone like Angie does not go away. The love she had for us and others does not disappear, it stays with you. It’s something we continue to feel every day.

I created Angie’s Lobster to honor our mother and make sure that the love we feel every day gets passed on to the next generation and to future generations. A company that will live every day like she lived her life — with love, courage, compassion, servant leadership, energy, fight, and fun.

Angie’s Lobster will be a company — scratch that – a family that will carry on her legacy forever. Angela Christofellis has passed away, but Angie’s Lobster will live forever. Live forever like her love that still guides us. The heart-shaped lobster claws in the logo will remind us of that every day. Her signature shown in the “Angie’s” logo will show throughout America, one drive-thru at a time. America, the country she loved so much. The country she came to on a boat to achieve the American dream.

My family hopes you will feel her love every time you go through the drive-thru and get a lobster meal with fries and drink for $9.99. Before Angie’s, that would cost $26 and higher. But now, lobster is no longer for the few, it’s for everyone. Not just for the rich, but now for the immigrant single mother of two!