Wild-Caught Seafood for All!

Enjoy wild-caught seafood for the same price and convenience of traditional drive-thru fast food! Using Maine Lobster direct from our wharf, Mexican Colossal Shrimp, North Atlantic Snow Crab and Wild-Caught Cod, we feature rolls and meals starting at just $7.99!

Wild-Caught Seafood for All!

How We Make Lobster Affordable to Everyone

We built our business from the ground up to be able to sell lobster, and now other wild-caught seafood options, for the same price as a fast food chicken or hamburger meal. Our model is about efficiency. We do not chase revenue, we chase efficiencies.

We are going deeper into the vertical by purchasing lobster right off the boats from our wharf in Maine and processing the lobsters in our own Maine facility. We eliminate third parties in every area we can. For every third party you eliminate, you eliminate their profit, overhead, inefficiencies and for some, their greed.

Holding Warm Lobster Roll with Butter

Help Us Keep Prices Low

  1. After ordering, self-pay using a credit/debit card or phone pay at the card reader on the speaker box.
  2. No paper receipts given for waste and efficiency.
  3. At the drive-thru pick-up window, simply grab your food right off the shelf.
  4. No straws, only straw-less lids.
  5. If you need to speak to a team member, please go through the drive-thru or contact us through our website.
How to Order and Self-Pay in the Drive-Thru
Picture of Angie, the inspiration behind Angie's Lobster

The Inspiration

Angela “Angie” Christofellis was born on the Greek island of Lesvos. At a young age, she immigrated with her family to America. They made the courageous journey on a boat, determined to achieve the American dream. They were hard working immigrants, and like many Greek immigrants at that time, they worked in restaurants.

Angie's Lobster Claw Heart

Angie’s Heart

My mother, Angie, had a huge heart. She would want us to help others when they need help and to give back more as we make more money. Our team has been honored to have already spent hundreds of hours working side-by-side with many local non-profits and crisis centers. We were also able to donate our house-made beverages to local organizations like St. Vincent de Paul and the Hemp Legacy Foundation, serving over 50,000 people.

These partnerships will continue even as new drive-thru locations open. Once Angie’s Lobster gets past our critical start-up phase, and we are in the position to help with food, we will give thousands of pounds a week of french fries, lobster, buns, and Angie’s sauce to food banks, shelters and soup kitchens. Eating lobster will brighten the day of Good people that are in need of help. 

In addition to our weekly food donations, we hope to have an Angie’s House in every community we operate. These houses will take people in need and give them short term shelter and food. While I had an incredible mother and family, not everyone is as lucky. My Mother would want it this way, we cannot turn our backs on people that are in need. We cannot help everyone, but we can do our part to help someone.