Our Mission is to Make Lobster Affordable to All!

How Do We Do It?

  1. We built our business from the ground up to be able to sell lobster at this price. Our model is about efficiency, we do not chase revenue. We chase efficiencies.
  2. We are going deeper into the vertical by purchasing lobster right off the boats from our wharf in Maine and processing the lobsters in our own Maine facility. We eliminate third parties in every area we can. For every third party you eliminate, you eliminate their profit, overhead, inefficiencies, and for some, their greed.
  3. You, our customer, do some of the work by processing your own payment and picking up your own food at the drive-thru. This allows us to have one less person working every hour and puts us one step closer to achieving our mission.
  4. We don’t invest in packaging. We give you a paper tray with no lid, one napkin, a straw-less lid, non-branded drink cup and non-branded paper bag. Our packaging is meant to work, not meant to be pretty.
  5. We buy a few things, but we buy a lot of those few things. The most efficient menu in the restaurant industry.
  6. Serving breakfast lowers our overall food costs so we can keep our lobster prices low. Although our breakfast meals are made with premium ingredients and still run a much higher food cost as a % of sales than a breakfast meal elsewhere, the food cost on our breakfast is still lower than that of our lobster meals. Therefore, the more breakfast meals we sell, our overall food costs go down.
  7. We have the fewest people working per hour in the drive-thru industry, but we pay our team members the highest wages. Our team is incredibly dedicated and produces more per hour than any other fast-food business. We have 8 team members total on staff per store, while most drive-thrus have 20-75 per store.
  8. We don’t invest in expensive marketing; our money goes into our food and people.
  9. We don’t invest in corporate offices and we have fewer corporate team members than the other guys.
  10. Our stores are designed to reduce the number of deliveries; thus, we save money on fuel, trucks, and labor.
  11. We don’t give out paper receipts. We also don’t give out salt, sugar, or pepper packets. Our lobster meals are craveable as is and best with Angie’s sauce.