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Are you looking for a rewarding career? We start all our team members at $17/hour! The highest starting wage in the fast food industry! We are always looking for hard working individuals, full of heart and compassion, to join our team. If you are interested, apply right here!

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Unmatched Benefits

Starting at $17/hr

We start our team members at $17/hour, the highest starting wage in the fast-food industry!

Ownership Program

Team members will have the opportunity to be a part of the Ownership Program, so you can share in the success of Angie’s.

Upward Mobility

Be a part of a privately owned, local start-up that is growing! Work side-by-side with the founding team, be a part of opening new restaurants, and entering new markets!

Closed on Holidays

We are closed on all major holidays. At Angie’s, we value the importance of having this time spent with friends and family.

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We start team members at $17/hr! Be a part of our growing Angie’s team and apply now! Your career starts here.