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November 15, 2021

5 "Behind-the-Scenes" Tweets from Angie's Lobster

Our Twitter feed gives our followers insight and a behind-the-scenes look at just what it takes to get a disruptive business, like Angie’s Lobster, up and running! It’s not easy to change the way something has always been done and what has commonly been accepted. We were originally scheduled to… Read More


    Image for As a Meal

    As a Meal


    All rolls and sandwiches are available as a…

    Image for #1 Grilled Shrimp Roll

    #1 Grilled Shrimp Roll


    5 Wild-caught Mexican Colossal Shrimp with Angie’s Sauce…

    Image for #7 Fried Shrimp Meal

    #7 Fried Shrimp Meal


    5 fried, wild-caught Mexican colossal shrimp served with…

    Image for Warm Snow Crab Roll

    Warm Snow Crab Roll


    Now Available! North Atlantic snow crab served warm…

    Image for Fried Cod Meal

    Fried Cod Meal


    New! 2 pieces of fried North Atlantic cod,…